Yahoo Mail Upgraded With New Apps – PayPal, Zumo Drive, Picnik, OtherInbox & Photobucket

Written By Sam on 6 June 2009

Yahoo is now trying to retain their email users(Yes many people are switching to Gmail!) with the new applications in Yahoo! Mail. Many new applications have been added to the Yahoo’s webmail service. These applications allows you to do more from your yahoo mail inbox and it also reduces the need to shuffle between different Websites to collect the data. These widgets are launched as part of the Yahoo’s Open Strategy push which enables third-party apps into the company’s email service. Yahoo would become more Social with all these new applications. Applications from PayPal, Zumo Drive, Picnik, OtherInbox, Photobucket etc are in the present list.


Some of the Useful Widgets in yahoo mail

  • Zumo Drive – You can send and share large email attachments like Music, videos etc upto 100MB with friends and family for free. Even entire folders can be shared and the recipients can collaborate and edit the documents.
  • Paypal – Right from your Yahoo Mail you can receive money or send money to anyone around the world.
  • Picnik – Users can crop/resize/retouch and add effects to photos which are available in your inbox and online very quickly and share with your friends. You can even save them on your local computer.
  • Showtime – From the cable network schedules you can browse and watch short clips.
  • WordPress – you can post to your blog and share them with your friends.
  • Xoopit – This app lets you organize and share all the photos in your Inbox. You can upload new photos and even shuffle them.
  • Food & Wine Pairing – you can match your dinner recipe with the perfect wine.

With all these apps Yahoo mail users can access a number of useful services without leaving the communication interface. Now users can crop photos, transfer money, share large attachments and do lot many things without the need to leave the interface as yahoo is not restricting itself with proprietary tools. As the service is available in beta version, these widgets are available to a limited number of people.

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