The Necessity of Brandable Videos

Written By Sam on 25 July 2011

There are hundreds of applications, programs, and marketing firms ready to help you control your online reputation. With the creation of social media sites, online reputation is a must for any company wishing to stay ahead of the competition while also maintaining a clean image. However, most people tend to focus on SEO tactics and basic social networking management when trying to implement effective branding. Very few consider the importance of video.

Video can actually be one of the best ways to further the recognition of a brand; however, business must effectively use each aspect of them if they wish to adequately convey their message. A few great ways to create great videos that can enhance the success of your business while strengthening your brand’s presence include:


If you are going to post videos to your blog or business site, you should pick a spokesperson to put behind all these videos. Not only will this put a face with the name of a company, but it will also give your loyalists a person or image to place their trust in – something they know will be there again and again such as the Geico gecko.

Customized Players

When site visitors click on the links to your video, you want them to stay in your video experience. Don’t let them be directed to YouTube or other video sites. Keep them on yours and provide the ultimate media experience by using a custom version of a Flash Player Platform. This allows you to create a video that is completely branded to you providing greater icon recognition.


Gimmicks may be considered in poor taste, but with all the memes and other viral online items flying around, a gimmick can actually make your site quickly go viral. Think of a catchy slogan or something your spokesperson could do each video. If the video were to go viral, your business, and brand, would instantly gain wide recognition.

Great Software

When deciding to create videos to use on your blog or business, don’t use cheap editing software, or a cheap camcorder for that matter. If your videos look poorly done, your viewers aren’t going to be likely to trust that your business is reputable. You wouldn’t scribble out your brand’s logo yourself would you? No, you would hire a professional designer. When choosing to create videos you should also by the best software to ensure they look well crafted.

Internet users are increasingly demanding multimedia use on the sites they visit. They want to see videos, photos, and audio clips, and nearly any online site wishing to maintain a solid online user base needs to incorporate these forms of media. Not only do online businesses need to incorporate videos to maintain user attention, but they also must do so if they wish to fully form their brand.

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