LotusLive iNotes from IBM – Reliable and Cost-effective Web-based e-mail and Calendaring Services

Written By Sam on 4 October 2009

Now you can access your office e-mail id from any corner of the world. All you need is a Web browser and Internet connection. Yes! You can do this with new LotusLive iNotes. LotusLive iNotes is a security-rich, Web-based e-mail service from IBM that provides essential messaging and calendaring capabilities to businesses of all sizes. iNotes is a solution for business-class messaging system. Far-off employees, retail employees and anyone who doesn’t function behind a table will really be thankful to this easy access to organization e-mailing system. In addition to a web-based user interface, all mail accounts are facilitated with POP3, IMAP4, & Authenticated SMTP capabilities for use with e-mail customers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.


LotusLive iNotes is a wonderful email which will be an affordable service. It simplifies the e-mail administration and provides robust and supple services. You can access any kind of necessary messaging features which is only found in desktop software, but now it also available in LotusLive iNotes too. There is no need for any special training, as there is no hardware, software or no money for data center and there are no worries. It’s amazing that you can send mails to any e-mail accounts and it is also easy to handle member’s accounts. LotusLive iNotes is a smart choice which allows your organization to integrate quickly with emerging technologies. Without any high risk and costs you can run your own e-mail system from anywhere you like. It is simple and easy to install, it is apt for all types of companies and resellers of all range. LotusLive iNotes is a highly safe, Internet based e-mail service which offers messaging and calendaring capacities to entire organization.

Features of LotusLive iNotes

  • Essential webmail POP3, IMAP4, & Authenticated SMTP
  • Calendaring with configurable event reminders and workday views
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus features
  • SSL Encryption and secure password recovery
  • Administrative tools to manage user accounts and global settings
  • 1GB of storage per user
  • 24x7x365 monitoring

Try iNotes for 30 days – You can send and receive messages; schedule meetings and experience how easy it is to use LotusLive iNotes free for 30 days.
Pay Yearly at $3 per month – Users can prepay annually and take advantage of the low-cost offer. LotusLive iNotes delivers hassle-free, Web-based e-mail with calendaring.
Pay Monthly at $3.75 per month – You can sign up for low monthly payment option and pay month-to-month on your annual contract for unlimited Web-based e-mail with calendaring.

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