Facebook Gift Shop Improved With Music Gifts, Sports Gifts and Gifts for Good

Written By Sam on 22 October 2009

Facebook, one of the popular social media sites is planning to enhance its Gift Shop to make you happy. Yes! Now you have many ways to convey your grasp and appreciation to the people whoever you like. Facebook took its first step in gift shop by trying out many new types of gifts made by software developers, which includes e-cards, animated e-cards, charity donations and even real life gifts. Here is the place where you can buy a real gift for your friend along with a virtual and practical one.

Now, Facebook is bringing out its fresh new Gift Shop stocked with style, which has many new classes and categories of real-time gifts and also further gifts like charity, sports and music. With so many new gifts accessible, it also introduced a new design that gives you pleasant experience. All these make it very easy for you to browse, choose and buy gifts from different categories. Facebook is also planning to enhance its gift shop very often, so that we can see more varieties of gifts in all categories and experience the thrill by purchasing and sending them to your friends and family.


It is very easy to browse and purchase Facebook gifts, the only thing you need is the credit card. You can buy gifts using credits, the credits cost 10 cents in U.S. currency, and they are offered for purchase in 15 different currencies. Just click “Buy,” after selecting your gift and Facebook will do the rest.

Music Gifts only for US

Using this wonderful Gift Shop, you will be able to purchase songs or music as gifts for your acquaintances. The Facebook Gift Shop has a separate section for “Music and MP3s” and is powered by LaLa.com, which provides over 8 million songs for all range of music lovers from artists such as the Imogen Heap, Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra and even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Web songs come for 1 credit each, whereas complete, downloadable, and digital rights management (DRM) -free MP3s are for 9 credits each. Gift receivers can hear and enjoy their gift Web songs or music and MP3s from their Facebook News Feed and also from LaLa.com. It is important that the Gift receiver must have an account in the Facebook or have to sign up using Facebook Connect to enjoy the music. You can also have the added ability to download the Gift songs on online music players like Windows Media Player and iTunes. Other people can only play the music gift for once after which they will be able to play a 30-second clip only.

Moreover in the Sports Gifts section you can find officially licensed gifts from the U.S. National Basketball Association and U.S. Major League Soccer. So do checkout the Gift Store on Facebook!

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  1. I am very glad that facebook decided to have music and mp3s in their gifts.

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