Download µTorrent 3.0 Alpha Featuring Remote Control, Apps and Video Torrent Streaming

Written By Sam on 12 July 2010

µTorrent team has released uTorrent 3.0 alpha which is the combination of two experimental projects “Falcon” and “Griffin”. This new release is a huge leap from the previous version 2.1. uTorrent 3.0 alpha comes with many features including remote control, Apps and has the capacity to stream video torrents. The VPN users IP address will not be exposed to the public, since uTorrent has taken preventive steps to overcome this.

BitTorrent Inc team has come up with many interesting features in their latest version, one such feature is the ability of users to install extensions with ease and add custom features. This helps the users to stream torrent video files and access their client distantly via a secure web- interface. The new release comes with patch for the major security flaw via which VPN users real IP – address has been exposed. IPv6 is the reason for this, hence uTorrent have disabled IPv6 by default, and however those who do not use VPN can enable it in the advanced settings.

µTorrent have released new Appa which includes µBrowse. Once these app specs are made available to developers we can expect more useful apps. The new features of uTorrent is for Windows users only, a stable version of the Mac client has also been released recently. The Linux version of µTorrent is under work and expected to be released soon.

Complete Change Log of µTorrent 3.0 Alpha

  • Fix: apps pane not showing in the sidebar if no apps installed
  • Fix: attempt another crash fix in the new choker
  • Fix: set dont fragment bit for UDP traffic
  • Fix: super verbose logging was always enabled
  • Fix: fixed uTP crash in rate limiter
  • Fix: fixed common crash in new choker
  • Change: raise half-open connection limit on post XP systems back to 100
  • Change: lowered half-open connection limit on post XP systems to 25
  • Fix: connect overhead graph was broken
  • Change: lowered default connect speed from 10 to 7
  • Change: increase timeouts and have fewer re-sends when connecting to uTP peers. This reduces some overhead
  • Change: only rate limit local uTP sockets if both uTP sockets are limited and ‘limit local peers’ is set
  • Fix: added support for utf8 in btapp files. Javascript files can now contain Japanese and it will be correctly displayed
  • Fix: graph TCP rates when uTP is not rate limited, even when tcp_rate_control is off
  • Fix: fixed bug where “apply rate limit to uTP” would get unchecked by itself
  • Fix: fixed uTP crash on sockets being closed with uninitialized read buffers
  • Fix: default download directory fix for multifile torrents
  • Change: rate limit uTP by default
  • Fix: Fixed fast-resend bug in selective ack handling in uTP. This could cause too aggressive resends on packet loss
  • Change: fix crash when formatting a string with NULL
  • Change: make uTP slightly less aggressive on loss
  • Change: Mention uTP in settings and reorganize new bandwidth checkbox since they apply to both up and down limits
  • Change: Render TCP rates in speed graph when uTP is not throttled
  • Change: Moved net.calc_overhead to the Bandwidth settings pane
  • Fix: RSS items show a different icon if disabled
  • Change: Turn on uTP throttling when scheduler is in “limited” mode
  • Fix: Fixed a delayed ack issue in uTP (lowers overhead)
  • Fix: RSS items would show when torrent list was empty
  • Fix: made magnet links in RSS feeds work
  • Change: made uTP packet size increase based on low delay measurements
  • Fix: made uTP packet size depend on total send rate, not just uTP send rate
  • Change: new advanced settings net.disable_ipv6 that defaults to True on 64bit Windows
  • Change: Don’t show add torrent dialog by default.
  • Feature: Add checkbox to disable UDP trackers

More Info here –
Download µTorrent 3.0 Alpha [Direct Download Link]

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