EZTV Droid Launched for Android Devices, Enables users to Find and Download TV Torrents

Written By Sam on 3 November 2010

EZTV Droid, a free app, has arrived in the Android Market that enables users to search for TV torrents and download the ones they require to uTorrent straight from their Android devices. Users can also use the app to search for previous torrents that may have been listed on EZTV. An essential pre-requisite is users will have their uTorrent WebUI activated. Once that’s done they will be able to use EZTV Droid as a remote interface for uTorrent, managing their downloads without having to sit in front of a PC.

This is great news for EZTV fans, more so because a host of new features, including adding favorites and get regular notifications on releases. The developer is also reported to be keen on enabling support for torrent clients other than uTorrent.

Meanwhile, the app has got the EZTV team excited, and they are calling on developers to release more of such solutions that allow integration of EZTV into mobile devices.

A quick recap:

  • EZTV Droid is a free app
  • Can be downloaded for free from the Android Market
  • Latest version of uTorrent, with WebUI enabled, recommended.

Download EZTVDroid

via TorrentFreak

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