What is a Torrent, BitTorrent Protocol, BitTorrent Clients and BitTorrent Search Engines

Written By Sam on 7 December 2009

BitTorrent is the most popular peer to peer(p2p) file sharing protocol used for transferring large files like Movies, Software and many others easily. Using BitTorrent protocol the network bandwidth can be utilized very effectively. Many people worldwide love the Bittorrents as they can easily download latest movies, video files, MP3 Songs, ebooks, latest applications, software and many more though they have many copyright issues.

What is a Torrent, BitTorrent Protocol, BitTorrent Clients and BitTorrent Search Engines

BitTorrent is more advanced than the popular peer-to-peer network where users share files by directly connecting one-to-one. In BitTorrent there is a central server which is usually called a tracker to coordinates the action of the peers. The tracker only manages connections and doesn’t bother about the contents of the files being distributed. Usually when you are interested in downloading a file you will have to get the “torrent” file first. Torrent file contains information about the data that you will be downloading. You can open the file in a BitTorrent Client and then download the file. If you are looking for BitTorrent Clients then you can checkout our previous posts – “10 Firefox Add-ons to Manage Your BitTorrent Downloads” and “4 Freeware BitTorrent Clients for Mac OS X to Download BitTorrent Files“.

BitTorrent are becoming more and more popular with the increasing bandwidth as you can download large files very easily. Other advantage of using Torrents is that they active users who act as a seed gets higher download speeds and people who try to leech gets lower torrent speeds. Recently I was looking to download some video files and came across Kickasstorrents.com which has got a very good user interface. Kickasstorrents is a very good Torrent Search Engine. The best thing I liked about Kickasstorrents is that there are no ads. Kickasstorrents provides real-time torrent stats with real seeder and leecher numbers, direct http download of selected torrents (currently in beta) and customizable user area. Other notable features include Firefox search plugin, last.fm and imdb integration.


Some of the limitations of BitTorrent include lack of anonymity as it is easy to get the IP addresses of all users from the tracker, The leech problem where torrent swarms gradually die out, cheater problem and BitTorrent download speed which is limited by the combined average upload speed of “leeches” and “seeds”. Apart from all these limitations there are many copyright issues with BitTorrents which has got down many top sites like Suprnova, Torrentspy, LokiTorrent, Demonoid, Mininova and The Pirate Bay.

If you have any other thoughts about BitTorrent Protocol, BitTorrent Clients, BitTorrent Search Engines or any other things related to BitTorrents then do let us know about it.

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