How To Avoid Black Screen During Windows 7 Installation Process

Written By Sam on 9 February 2010

Users of advanced computers with AMD/ATI Radeon graphics processing unit (GPU) working upon the embedded DisplayPort (eDP) technology may tend to face many difficulties whilst installing Windows 7 onto their high-end computers. These computers tend to display a black screen during installation even when the installation is still running in the background, which makes installation process becomes a tedious job. This article lists the cause and the resolution in order to prevent such situation.

The AMD and ATI Radeon graphics driver on the Windows 7 retail DVD does not provide proper support to eDP which causes the appearance of black screen during the installation process. In order to fix this issue ADM has released an updated driver, which can be incorporated into the setup for successfully completing the setup process.

Steps through which you can easily resolve this problem

  1. Save the Autounattend.xml answer file and the latest graphics driver to a USB flash drive, for doing so you have to copy an Autounattend.xml file to the root of a USB flash drive. You can either download or create an Autounattend.xml file by yourself.
    • The Autounattend.xml file can be downloaded from this link.
  2. Then copy the uncompressed graphics driver onto the USB flash drive through these steps:
    • Downloading the latest driver for your graphics adapter from the AMD Web site at
    • Run the downloaded program (.exe) and extract the driver. When prompted for an installation location provides the appropriate path.
    • Once the program is extracted, locate the installation folder and copy the installation folder onto the USB flash drive.
  3. For avoiding this problem from the Windows 7 installation DVD, all you have to do is to start the computer that has the AMD Radeon GPU and utilizes eDP and then immediately connect the USB flash drive follow the instructions completion of the installation process, after the system re-starts, disconnect the USB flash drive.

For the users who make use of multiple displays, the Windows 7 though installed it properly, it may cause probelms in lateral stages. Hence, it is suggested to update the driver to that which corrects this eDP issue. This driver can be found through Windows Update or through the following AMD Web site.

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