How To Install Windows 3.1 Running On iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; Check the Installation Guide

Written By Sam on 9 November 2010

New possibilities of getting to play Windows games and using other Windows utilities now open up as Windows 3.1, the 16-bit operating system, now runs on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Most iDevice users miss out on some functionalities that are only unique to Windows and that can finally be taken care of by following a few simple instructions to get the Windows 3.1 going on your iDevice.

The first thing to make sure is that your iPhone is ‘jailbroken’. A jailbroken iPhone will give you many options to work with, especially against the restricted ones that Apple induces which do not allow a range of applications and software to be installed and enjoyed. Secondly, keep the installation files of the Windows 3.1 ready for use.

Then follow these steps to have Windows 3.1 up and running on your iPhone:

  • Add the Cydia source: to your list of sources, under the “Manage” tab within Cydia.
  • Locate and install DosPad Beta. Version 1.92 is the latest.
  • Now copy the Windows 3.1 installation files to your iPhone
  • These files need to be placed in the folder named “winstep” on /var/mobile/. Open SSH is a pre-requisite and needs to be already installed in your device.
  • An additional folder named “w31” on /var/mobile/ needs to be created, which is where the Windows 3.1 files will be installed.
  • Next, to unmount the C-Drive, open the DosPad and type “mount –u c”.
  • Now type “mount c ~/w31”, which will mount the C drive to the empty created earlier in step 5.
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 again to the same for the A-Drive by typing “mount a ~/winsetup”. This action mounts all lose installation files from the winstep folder to the A-Drive.
  • To change the directory to the A-Drive, type a:
  • Then type “setup”, after which the installation process for Windows 3.1 should start.
  • Follow the installation that last about 15 minutes, and wait for the reboot machine indication.
  • Now exit DosPad and clear it from the multi task bar.
  • Relaunch DosPad again and type “mount –u c”, “mount c ~/w31”, “c:” and “cd WINDOWS”.
  • The final step, type “win” and hit enter.
  • You will have successfully installed Windows 3.1 ready for use.

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