How To Flash, Re-Flash or Format Dreambox DM500s Satellite Decoder With FlashWizard

Written By Sam on 14 June 2010

Dreambox DM500s is an ultimate Linux based decoder that can be utilized for decoding satellite signals. With different skins and customizable features, Dreambox DM500s is open source software that was developed by hundreds of developers around the world. Reflashing or to getting a latest version of firmware for this DM500s receiver is now a made a simple process.

For reflashing or upgrading DM500s, You will require FlashWizard Pro (a local firmware installer) as well as a Ethernet cable is required for connecting DM500s to the PC. After connecting the decoder to the PC, access the Menu option of the decoder. Then go to Factory Reset by navigating Setup -> Expert Setup -> Factory Reset and then click ‘Yes’ will reboot the system. Once it has been rebooted, go back to the Menu and from the Expert Setup, select Communication Setup that will read and display the Dreambox IP Address required for flashing the decoder.

Now, launch the FlashWizard Pro for reflashing the system. Proceed to ‘Configuration and Utilities’, input the required IP address of the Dreambox with default Login and Password (‘root’ and ‘dreambox’ without quotes respectively). Click on ‘Install a firmware into FLASH memory’ button, you will be prompted with another new interface that allows you to browse through firmware file (.fw2 format) and double clicking this file will result in a firmware update.

Flash process is very quick and takes hardly few minutes to complete the process in the DM500s systems. After successful completion of flashing or firmware upgradation, a successful message is popped up, select option to reboot the system and upon relaunch the system is the upgraded or enhanced version of Dreambox DM500s. These are the various steps involved in reflashing or upgrading the firmware of the Dreambox systems!

3 Responses to “How To Flash, Re-Flash or Format Dreambox DM500s Satellite Decoder With FlashWizard”

  1. Achraf says:

    Hallo all

    I have a dream Box 500 + and it is not turning on it is just showing green light but nothing appear on the tv ??
    It is software or hardware problem ??

    any help will be appreciated.

  2. mubarak says:

    my dm not dispalay on tv wat da problem

  3. ray says:


    I tried to upgrade the software and now it won’t start

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