W3C Unveils New HTML5 Logo; Version Comes with Web-based Apps, Video Support and Graphics

Written By Sam on 20 January 2011

W3C has unveiled a new HTML5 logo and has invited early adopters to it and come back with feedback to the W3C HTML Working Group to enhance the HTML experience. So, if you have taken up parts of HTML5 into your website, ot want to flaunt your HTML5, WOFF, CSS, SVG, and other technologies usually used to build latest Web applications, the logo will come handy.

The logo homepage includes:

A badge builder — this generates a code that will help display the logo.
A gallery of sites using the logo
Links for buying HTML5 T-shirt
Instructions for getting free stickers.

You will find the logo under ‘Creative Commons 3.0 By’.

Meanwhile, the HTML Working Group has also published eight documents that include:

  • Working Drafts of the HTML5 specs, alongside explanatory document and differences between HTML5 and HTML4
  • Working Drafts of the specifications HTML+RDFa 1.1 and HTML Microdata, defining mechanisms for embedding machine-readable data in HTML documents, as well as specification of HTML Canvas 2D Context.
  • HTML5: Techniques for providing text alternatives for images in HTML documents
  • HTML-Compatible XHTML Documents to instruct authors to produce XHTML documents also compatible with non-XML HTML syntax and parsing rules.

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