Google Docs now Support Word(docx) and Excel(xlsx) 2007 Documents

Written By Sam on 2 June 2009

Many of you must have had trouble in opening the latest Word and Excel files which had got an extension of docx or xlsx. Though there are many free applications to open docx files, it’s always a pain. Now all your problems will be solved as Google now allows its users to import .docx and .xlsx files into Google Documents. It means that when someone sends you a document created in word 2007, you can just load it to Google Docs and then you can read and edit the documents online. It brings a complete list of file formats supported by Google Docs to DOC, DOCX, \ XLS, XLSX, HTML, TXT, RTF, ODS, CSV, SXW, TSV, TSB, PPT , PPS and PDF Files.


This feature of Google Docs is more useful for those who do not have the latest version of Microsoft Office which saves the Docs in docx and Excel files in xlsx format. To import a .docx or .xlsx file into Google Docs, just click on the “Upload” button in the Docs list menu and then select your file. It is automatically uploaded and Google converts your document for use in Google Docs. The best thing about Google Docs is that you don’t have to worry about format of the file, just upload the file and it will figure it out.


If you have got a lot of files to be uploaded then you can try out Google Documents List API. The Google Documents List Data API allows you to upload multiple documents to Google Docs and list them in the form of Google Data API (GData) feeds.

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