Track Your Computer Usage With ManicTime Personal Time Management Software

Written By Sam on 1 October 2009

Personal Time management software will help you get organized and to make better use of time to increase your productivity. ManicTime is one such personal Time management software which can track your computer usage. With ManicTime you can track the used application and tag time. Tag time tracks data to accurately show how much time you have spent on various things.


Features of ManicTime Personal Time management software

Automatic Data Collection: ManicTime collects data automatically on your computer usage, it records active and away time and the time spent on different applications.

Local Storage: ManicTime data is stored in a local database on your own computer. Collected data is not transmitted to any server thus protecting your privacy. ManicTime can be used offline with the local database without an internet connection.

Graphic Representation Of Your Daily Activities: The collected data is presented in three predefined timelines: Activity, Applications and Tags. Each underlying activity is showed when you place the mouse over a timeline. The detailed information is displayed by Hint.

Accurate and Efficient way to Tag Time: This is one of the most usable feature. You can accurately tag time with just one click. As there is lots of data available on your computer usage, you can tag time for days in the past. You can also select and tag time a computer was not running or idle status.

Find Out How Much Time You Spent on Different Tasks: ManicTime helps you to know how much time you have spent on a computer or browsing the Web. It helps you know the applications used regularly and which are collecting dust. Based on your time tags, you can see how much time you have spent. For example you can know the time spent on a certain project or a specific feature.

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