TrackMyLaptop Helps Locate Stolen Laptops; Quick Heal Offers Service for Free

Written By Sam on 8 January 2011

Tracking service is a handy development and the latest news on that front comes from security solutions provider Quick Heal for laptop users in India. Here are the details. The company has now made available for free its TrackMyLaptop service to both Quick Heal and non-Quick Heal users in the country.

The TrackMyLaptop solution helps users to track down their stolen or misplaced laptops. This is how the solution works:

  1. A Quick Heal anti-virus or Internet Security user needs to undergo an easy registration process to avail of the laptop tracker service. For this you will have to provide the product key and other details. The MAC ID will be obtained and stored in the database automatically during Quick Heal activation.
  2. If you are not a Quick Heal user but have the MAC ID of your stolen or lost laptop, you may log on and fill in a form on the Trackmylaptop page. Once you have carefully filled in the details, click on the Register Now button.

Quick Heal searches its database and notifies a user if it locates a possible match. The user will receive details on the IP address and its location in India. This service is not only expected to help the laptop owners but also assist law enforcement authorities in tracking down thieves in conjunction with the service provider.

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