Recover Lost or Stolen Google Nexus One Mobile With Wavesecure

Written By Sam on 18 January 2010

Nexus One is a brand new SuperPhone from Google which is made by HTC. Google Nexus One runs on the Android OS. There are many chances that you might loose your new Nexus One or some else might steal it. But don’t worry you haven’t lost your $530 (Unlocked Nexus One costs $530). There are ways to recover lost/stolen Nexus One with Wavesecure. “Wavesecure” is an antitheft and mobile security software for mobiles which allows you to track your lost or stolen mobile. Wavesecure mobile tracker for Android phones is free until Jan. 31, 2010.

Recover Lost or Stolen Google Nexus One Mobile With Wavesecure

After downloading WaveSecure from Android Market follow the installation process, you will be prompted to input a PIN and Buddy Number. Once you have done with installation your handset and data are protected for as long as you keep your account going.

WaveSecure for Android Features

  • Lock Mobile: You can remote lock down your lost phone making it worthless to the thieves. You can even show messages and sound alarm.
  • Track Usage: Supports tracking of new SIM cards, SMS alerts to predefined numbers and auto lock when SIM changed.
  • Backup Data: Allows you to take the backup of your contacts, SMS, Call Logs remotely.
  • Wipe Out Data: It allows you to remotely delete all your private and sensitive data. You can wipe out all your sms, photos etc to protect your privacy.

WaveSecure helps you track down every detail of the activities in your Android mobile like the Nexus One. You can easily track any new SIM card that is inserted into your mobile by visiting the track page. You can even use the backup feature to track down all the SMS sent/received, incoming/outgoing phone calls, etc to track down the thief’s identity. Wavesecure also helps you to track the geographical location of your handset.

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