Find and Locate Your Lost or Stolen Android Mobile With iTag

Written By Sam on 24 March 2010

Here’s a good news for all the users of Android handsets! iTag, a free service that protects and locates the lost or stolen mobile phone is now out as a public Beta. iTag has been launched today in the world’s largest technology event CTIA 2010. Including many impressive features iTag is much similar to the Apple’s Find My iPhone.

iTag Android app running in the background of the phone provides enticing features such as making a call to the lost or stolen phone from the website, locking the keys of the handset, backing up information and deleting it from the handset. This service has location-based social networking capabilities that makes locating the misplaced handset much easier and enables users to broadcast ad’s for the service as well. iTag also includes a new feature wherein the Bluetooth is used to keep the track of the cars parked in the public areas.

iTag is an optimum service that sustains for a longer period of time without draining the phone battery and provides a faster performance too. Many features of iTag Android application are free, however charges might be applicable for some advance features of the application.

Features of iTag

  • Ability to hear the ring tone of the phone even when the ringer is turned off
  • Capabilities to detect SIM cards inserted in the lost phone and then alert the users immediately
  • Remote lock and delete data options
  • Data back up can be obtained over-the-air and all the contacts can be restored
  • Simple location features
  • Alerts about the users of iTag around the user

iTag is currently available for Android Mobiles and is in Public Beta. The service is available in US only. Visit iTag for more details at –

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