Manage and Protect Your Passwords With Free Steganos Password Manager

Written By Sam on 19 July 2009

If you use the Internet heavily you will definitely know that remembering hundreds or even dozens of passwords is very difficult. The greatest pain is when you have saved all your passwords and want to move to a new computer. In all these situations password managers will be very helpful. So if you are looking for a simple and free password manager then you can try out Steganos Password Manager. Steganos Password Manager is a free and simple to use centralized password manager which will enable you to keep all of your passwords under lock and key, take them with you and access them when required. You can also use it to store all your online form information so that you don’t end up filling the similar forms everytime. Steganos Password Manager will be helpful for you to keep your passwords with you when you are on the move or for transferring data between different computers.


Steganos Password Manager helps you to organize, administrate and sort your passwords. All the passwords are accessible only with the master password. So you just have to remember one password.

Features of Steganos Password Manager – Free

  • Easy password management – Creates and stores the passwords and other data in an encrypted list. You just have to remember only one password which will be easy, fast and secure.
  • Your favorite websites just one click away – You can launch websites from Password Manager’s application window.
  • Sort, organize and manage – Users can categorize passwords to quickly navigate, sort and search password entries. You can even customize the categories.
  • Search Passwords – You can enter your password into the search field, click on “search” and find more details or launch the application.
  • Multiple profiles on one PC – You can create individual password protected profiles on PCs with multiple users.
  • Strong encryption with 256 Bit AES – Uses the 256 Bit AES security algorithm for better protection.

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