CyberLink Releases New Version PowerDirector 9 64-Bit Video Editing Software

Written By Sam on 18 November 2010

The latest version of CyberLink’s video editing software has now made its way into the market. Giving customers an option other than software from Apple and Adobe, CyberLink has released the latest version of its PowerDirector video editing software – the PowerDirector 9.

With this release, CyberLink has also given the industry its first ever 64-bit consumer based video editing software that is powered by the TruVelocity engine, adding the extra power to the 64-bit processing software.

This version has been designed to make the video-editing process smarter, quicker and easier. Here are some features you can look forward to in the PowerDirector 9:

  • The TruVelocity editing technology enhances processing speed, enables CPU and GPU components to reduce processing time.
  • Keyframe control is a high quality tool which coupled with the timeline editor work to provide users with the option of creating and editing complex video productions.
  • There are video enhancement tools in the TrueTheatre feature that improves the video quality of a recording by offering options of converting SD to HD quality, by working on noise reduction, adjusts lighting, adds virtual surround sounds and even allows slow motion playback.
  • A NewWaveEditor for editing audio and adding special effect sounds.
  • Adding animated objects to the video is also a possibility now with the Customized Particle Effects tool. There is no end to how you can play with your imagination and represent it on screen.

If you have a collection of videos and photos that you want to mash together, just use the MagicStyle Movie Wizard to choose an in-built 3D template and throw in your favorite track to get a 3D movie in a matter of minutes. 

Once you’ve created all this great video data, sharing it is also very simple. You can easily publish your recordings in full HD to sites like Facebook or YouTube or even to devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod or smartphones. CyberLink gives you the option of uploading your content to too.

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