BlueCove – Open Source Java library for Bluetooth

Written By Sam on 16 August 2009

BlueCove is a simple Java library for Bluetooth. BlueCove is a JSR-82 J2SE implementation that interfaces with Microsoft Bluetooth stack, Mac OS X, WIDCOMM, BlueSoleil and also Bluetooth stack on Windows Mobile.

BlueCove is not a Bluetooth Protocol Stack. BlueCove is just Java JSR-82 interface for the following Bluetooth Profiles

SDAP – Service Discovery Application Profile
RFCOMM – Serial Cable Emulation Protocol
L2CAP – Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
OBEX – Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP) profile on top of RFCOMM and TCP


BlueCove runs on any JVM v1.1 or newer on Windows Mobile, Windows XP and Windows Vista, Mac OS X. Since version 2.1 BlueCove is distributed under the Apache Software License.

Runtime Requirements of BlueCove

  • WIDCOMM BTW Stack software v1.4.2.10 SP5 or above.
  • BlueSoleil version 1.6.0, 2.3 or
  • Microsoft Bluetooth stack (Windows XP SP2 or newer and Windows Mobile 2003 or newer)
  • PowerPC- or Intel-based Mac OS X 10.4 (Bluetooth v1.2) or late (Since v2.0.2)
  • Linux with BlueZ Bluetooth stack
  • A Bluetooth device supported by the WIDCOMM, BlueSoleil or Microsoft bluetooth stack
  • Java 1.1 or newer for the binary execution, Java 1.4 or newer to compile.
    Another Bluetooth device to communicate with.

Installation of BlueCove

BlueCove rely upon already installed native Bluetooth stack that comes with you operating system or Bluetooth USB device. Installation of the binary version of BlueCove is as follows:

  • Download BlueCove binary release
  • Add bluecove.jar to your classpath
  • Also add bluecove-gpl.jar to your classpath if you are running application on Linux

Download BlueCove

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