Opera Mobile 9.7 beta Comes With Opera Turbo, Presto 2.2 & Widget Manager

Written By Sam on 8 June 2009

Opera has released the latest version of Opera Mobile for Windows based Mobiles. The latest Opera Mobile 9.7 beta features Opera Turbo which uses Opera Servers to compress the data before it is displayed on your mobile phone. Though Opera Turbo is a preview feature it will definitely boost your browsing experience. The latest Opera Mobile 9.7 also includes Opera’s newly upgraded browser engine, Opera Presto 2.2, for faster page loads and better overall performance. Opera Mobile 9.7 also gets Opera Widgets which will help you to browse the Web content in fewer clicks and less time.


Opera Turbo feature in Opera Mobile 9.7 beta is still a preview-feature and when Opera Turbo is enabled your downloads doesn’t work. Moreover some settings like toggle on/off images do not apply when Opera Turbo is enabled. But if you want to experience rich browsing experience you can turn on Opera Turbo which uses advanced compression technology to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by up to 80 percent. Opera Presto 2.2 rendering engine used in Opera Mobile 9.7 beta helps display Web pages on your phone up to 25 percent faster. Opera Mobile 9.7 beta includes the add-on Opera Widgets manager and Opera Widgets SDK. With the add-on Opera Widgets manager you can access your favorite services with just one click. Opera Mobile 9.7 comes pre-installed with widgets for Twitter, MyStatus, Google Translate, GeoQuiz, Bubbles and Opera Dragonfly.


So if you want to get rich browsing experience, then do download the Opera Mobile 9.7 beta, and don’t forget to send us your feedback.

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