Download Opera 10 Beta 1 With New Turbo Feature & Improved Interface

Written By Sam on 3 June 2009

Opera software had released the first beta version of Opera 10. The first beta of Opera 10 has got many new features and it was improved a lot with the new look in this new version. Opera 10 beta includes the Presto 2.2 rendering engine and more importantly the turbo mode for faster browsing. Turbo is the new feature of Opera which will help you to increase your internet browsing speed on slow connections using data and image compression technologies. Opera Turbo uses the Opera proxy servers to compress the data before it reaches the Opera browser on the client’s computer. Another important thing is that Opera 10 beta has a 100/100 pass rate on the Acid 3 test.


Opera User Interface has changed a lot with the new Opera skin elements. New skin elements include Etch effects and border inner highlights, Text Shadow with a new parameter and more. Opera Speed Dial configuration options allows you to Configure the Speed Dial page and the speed dial functionality has been improved to include more than 9 speed dials.

One of the other notable features is the Spell Checker in Opera 10 which checks for spelling errors and these are indicated with a dotted red underline in all the places where you can input text. Spelling checker should be enabled from the context menu which also includes spelling suggestions and the ability to change dictionary languages.


The other notable features include “Opera auto update“, “Improved Opera Dragonfly“, “Rich Text Message Composition“, “Improved Opera regular expression engine“, “Opera ‘pretty-printing’ of unstyled XML“, “HTML 5 support” and “Web fonts support“.

For built-in crash reporting an integrated user interface has been added to Opera. When Opera suffers a crash, this feature appears automatically and enables the user to report the event to Opera. The feature of thumbnail views for the tabs in Opera 10 is hidden by default, and to enable this feature you should drag the slider down which gives way for the thumbnails. So try out the new Opera 10 beta.

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