Apple’s Mac Pro: 512 Gb SSD Storage Now Available From Apricorn’s PCI-E Mac Array

Written By Sam on 23 November 2010

The Mac Pro from Apple is one of the fastest machines available today. Nobody knows how it started but in the field of computer evolution there is a need for speed and more and more storage space. Enough is never enough. The Mac Pro is one such machine that feeds this hunger. It is superfast. It is super-configurable and has various options.

One option is the facility to install up to four 512 GB SSDs. Independent suppliers have been quick on the uptake and have come out with their own versions of PCI-E based SSDs. Apricorn is one such company that has acted with speed complementing its SSD’s speed and now offers 512Gb PCI-E based SSD device. Mac fanatics will love this nifty device.

Apricorn’s Mac Array is custom designed PCI-E X4 card, which has four 128 GB Western Digital Silicon Edge SSDS at the core, connected in RAID 0 configuration resulting in a total 512GB of storage space accessible from a single slot. This makes it possible to add more than one such drive for a total of 1 Tb or even 1.5 Tb of storage space. The speeds are lightning fast. The read rate maxes at 760Mb/sec for a single card and write rate is an astonishing 524Mb/sec. So, things should happen even before you can think of blinking your eye.

As with all super gizmos, this competition beating performance comes with a high price tag of $1499. However, Mac Pro lovers will like the fast speeds the Mac Array offers, enhancing the overall performance of their machines. One of the definitely must haves for a Mac Pro enthusiast.

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