Govt-grade AES 256-Bit Encryption for Heightened Security On Samsung SSDs

Written By Sam on 27 November 2010

SSDs are now on offer from a number of manufacturers and those from Samsung are bound to lead the pack with news that these SSDS will incorporate built-in full government grade AES 256 bit encryption for heightened security to provide protection against data loss. Corporates and professionals sensitive to the value of data will surely welcome these Samsung SSDs as in a class of their own with these features. Samsung claims that they alone have an SSD for corporate users which features this TCG’s Opal Standard 256 bit encryption.

Key features include:

  • AES encryption extended to 256 bits —These Samsung SSDs feature advanced hardware self encryption methods based on Trusted Computing Group’s Opan standard.
  • Protection against data loss
  • Protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Rugged, light, fast
  • Firmware and hardware can be securely updated
  • Sequential read/write speeds of up to 250/220 MB/s
  • 25% less weight than HDDs—perfect for laptons, notebooks, etc.

The AES 256 bit encrypton is the star of its features. Hardware encryption is always switched on. User authentication and data encryption are carried out by the high security of drive controller rather than being software based. Software based encryption use CPU and store data in unprotected memory areas. Samsung’s self encrypting drives (SEDs) encrypt data at the interface speed which means there is no slowing down of operations or performance of the SSD. With hardware encryption the speed gain is 2.4 times higher compared to software encrypted devices and 3.7 times higher as compared to a hard drive with software encryption. The Samsung drive supports management software which works together with the SSD’s self encryption software to provide a fully managed hardware encryption solution. Samsung SSDs support Embassy Trusted drive Manager from Wave Systems which provides backup and recovery of passwords and advanced security settings. Preboot authentication and single sign on to Windows are the other features.

Lighter weight, faster performance and higher security features should surely propel this Samsung SSD to the top of the market in the coming months.

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