Download iDroid Mini Browser for iPhone and iPod touch

Written By Sam on 22 February 2010

If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user and would love to try out any other browser apart from the default Safari browser then you can check out iDroid Mini Browser. iDroid Mini Browser is a powerful browser designed for iPhone and can be used as an alternative to Mobile Safari on iPhone. The iDroid Mini browser is an innovative web browser for the iPhone, inspired by iPhone Mobile Safari, Android browser and Opera Mini.

Features of iDroid Mini Browser for iPhone

  • Tabbed Browsing: Tabbed browsing feature has been added to the browser. The tab in use is indicated by green light and a blinking green light indicates, loading browser.
  • Full Screen Browsing : This supports full screen browsing. Just rotate the phone, you are into full screen browsing mode.
  • Fast Loading : Advanced caching algorithm is used to for quicker loading of pages.
  • Smart URL : It provides suggestions, when you start typing the web address, regarding the web address you are trying to visit depending on the initial alphabets you type. These suggestions are searched and displayed from This doesn’t slow down the typing speed.
  • Quick Links : You can save all your favourite links with this option. The Visual Bookmarks feature looks similar to Opera Mini style.
  • Preview Tab : This feature enable you to peep into other tab, while staying on the present tab. Tap and hold any inactive tab to preview.
  • Sound effects : Sound effects are added to indicate moving to other tab. Sliding the menu open also has good sound effects
  • Sleek User Interface : Very well designed user interface that befits Apple iPhone.

The latest version of iDroid Mini Browser uses caching algorithm for faster loading of pages. The other features in the latest version include Smart URL, Sound effects and Quick links. The iDroid Mini Browser is currently available in iTunes App Store for free. So if you are getting boredom by using the same Safari Mobile everytime, then do try out the iDroid Browser for iPhone.

Download iDroid Mini Browser [iTunes Link]

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