Download Dolphin Browser HD 2 Beta For Android Mobiles

Written By Sam on 1 August 2010

Most powerful, elegant and fast browser – Dolphin Browser HD 2 (BETA) for Android Smartphones is now available for download. With enhanced performance, new add-ons, new interface, and multi-touch capabilities Dolphin Browser HD 2 to set make its mark amongst various mobile browser applications available.

Providing delightful browsing experience to users, Dolphin Browser HD2 comes with an elegant and powerful interface that is highly compatible with Froyo, Android 2.2 (support flash). Incorporating features like RSS Feed Detector, Tabbed Browsing, Bookmarks Sorting, Gesture Commander, and many more. Dolphin Browser HD2 provides blazzingly fast rendering that provides lightening page load speeds. New Add-ons of Dolphin Browser HD2 includes Adblocker, Password Manager, and Screen Cut that enable users to relish vivid browsing experience.

Dolphin Browser HD2 comes with Multi-touch Pinch Zoom and double-tap zoom features. With capabilities of saving and sorting bookmarks, Dolphin Browser HD2 allows users not only to view the web pages in android style, but also in PC & iPhone styles by its new feature called Desktop Toggles (User Agent). Compact page toggles (GWT) feature of Dolphin Browser HD2 enables users to view Internet website in a simplistic way and in a much suitable layout for mobile. Featuring many enticing themes, Dolphin Browser HD2 Beta is available for download from the official website. Download it today and experience the difference!

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