Monitor Internet Activities of Children and Keep Your Kids Safe Online With Norton Online Family

Written By Sam on 3 October 2010

There are quite a few features in the Norton Online Family tracking software which make it quite indispensable for parents. The internet has lot of dangers lurking and there are many cyber criminals waiting to entice young teens and adolescents. Norton Online Family helps parents keep track of what sites their children are visiting and how they while away their time on the computer.

The string of services includes web monitoring and blocking service that tracks every website the children visit. The activity report is easily readable and parents can visit those sites that children frequent. If they have inappropriate content then parents can block those sites as well. Parents can even set time limits and teach children good internet habits. Good time management is very important for children exposed to the internet and hence parents should set a limit on their internet usage to specific hours of the week or even the day.

Features of Norton Online Family

  • Tracks each Web site that your child visits.
  • Make managing your children’s computer usage time a breeze.
  • Keeps an eye on your children’s social networking activities.
  • Monitors your children’s instant messages.
  • Shows you what your children search for online.
  • Notifies you when your children perform any inappropriate activity.

Norton Online Family also provides social network monitoring which keeps an eye of the social networking activity of the children. Parents can find out the social networking sites that kids are getting involved in and other interesting bits of information like their profile information such as the name and age they are using and the display image they have registered. All these pieces of information provide a lot of insight into the child’s psyche and let parents keep a tab on how exactly the children are networking. It is extremely useful to keep children away from getting into the wrong track at such an early age.

The software also provides chat monitoring to let parents find out who the chat friends of their kids are what IM message they are sharing. This is particularly important to find out if there are others who are sending inappropriate messages to the kids and bullying them. There is a search monitoring system which will tell parents what their kids are searching for online and what are the topics of their interest.

Norton Online Family

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