Sweet Android Treat: Ice Cream to be the Latest Avatar Android 2.4, Release Expected Soon

Written By Sam on 12 January 2011

Google seems to be on the fast track to developing Android to make it a market leader. Not so long ago it gave a demo of Android 3.0 Honeycomb and confirmed the release of Android 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. Now, Android 2.4, Ice Cream, is likely to be released soon, possibly by June or July 2011, if rumors are to be believed. Google is expected to officially announce its release at its IO conference for developers scheduled for the early part of May in San Francisco.

Google does have culinary leanings in the nomenclature of its OS releases. Donut was followed by Éclair which will be succeeded by GingerBread with HoneyComb next in line and now, the delectable IceCream.

What one cannot understand is why Honeycomb is dubbed Android 3.0 and will likely be released earlier than IceCream which will be Android 2.4 and will probably be released after HoneyComb. There are, however, indications that Google might version it as Android 4.0 and HoneyComb may get to be Android 3.5.

Features of Android 2.4:
Android 2.4 is expected to focus more on phones rather than tablets. It is expected to have refinements in the backend. The user interface will be derived from HoneyComb, modified for the phone form factor. There is likely to be support for dual core processors, totally built from scratch for ARM9 chipsets and variants. It follows there will be gaming improvements and optimization for dual cores. Cloud Music is also on the horizon with a tight Cloud integration to back up apps, preferences, app data via Androidng.

Rumor mills got active when people noticed the Xperia Arc at the CES show running Android 2.4 mobile OS. HoneyComb is expected to work for Tablets like the Motorola Xoom while IceCream is scooped up for the mobile devices.

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