Evaluate and Improve the Performance of Your WebSite With Page Speed

Written By Sam on 20 September 2009

When I try to optimize a website I usually use Firefox Add-ons like Firebug, Y!Slow, Page Speed and many more. Today I thought of writing about Page Speed which is an open-source Firefox Add-on which works with Firebug. Webmasters and web developers who love to evaluate and improve the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them can use the Page Speed Tool.

Using Page Speed you can perform several tests on your website. These tests are based on a set of best practices known to enhance web page performance. When you run Page Speed on your website you get a set of scores for each page, as well as helpful suggestions on how to improve the website performance.


Page Speed helps you to evaluate the performance of your website from the client point of view which is typically measured as the page load time. This is actually the time difference between the moment a user requests a page and the page is fully rendered by the browser. The best practices cover many of the steps involved in page load time which includes resolving DNS names, setting up TCP connections, transmitting HTTP requests, downloading the resources, fetching resources from cache, parsing and executing the scripts and finally rendering all the objects on the webpage. The best practices are grouped into five categories that cover different aspects of page load optimization:

Optimizing caching — keeping your application’s data and logic off the network altogether
Minimizing round-trip times — reducing the number of serial request-response cycles
Minimizing request size — reducing upload size
Minimizing payload size — reducing the size of responses, downloads, and cached pages
Optimizing browser rendering — improving the browser’s layout of a page

By using Page Speed, you can make your site faster, keep your users engaged with your site for more time, reduce bandwidth and hosting costs.

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