Pre-Loading Firefox DLL’s on Windows Will Reduce Load Time by 50% [Firefox Startup Time to Cut by Half]

Written By Sam on 24 January 2011

If you are a Windows user who uses Firefox to browse the web, then here is an interesting news for you. It is found that pre-loading certain Firefox related DLL’s on windows will reduce the startup time of Firefox by almost 50%. This particular trick will work by preloading Firefox’s XUL library and we can expect it to be coming in the next nightly builds of Firefox 4.

Taras Glek tried to see if lazy-linking and preloading of libxul will help to improve the startup time of Firefox. It Turned out that lazylinking didn’t make any difference, but preloading seems to consistently shave up the startup by around 40%. Prior to this fix, the XUL DLL was slowly loaded in 32KB bits, which really ground on slower-seeking hard drives. But now Taras Glek submitted a patch to get Windows to load the DLL in faster 2MB chunks which will improve load times on every computer, but it will definitely benefit slower computers more.

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