LG Announces 55LHX and LH85 Series Wireless LCD HDTVs

Written By Sam on 16 September 2009

LG offers its first-ever series of Wireless LCD HDTVs, both the 55-inch class Slim Wireless LED-Backlight HDTV and the LH85 series of wireless LCD HDTVs have the freedom of placing it anywhere in the room without having to deal with wires. LG uses media box that transmits an uncompressed Full HD 1080p signal with virtually to enable the wireless experience. 55LHX and the LH85 series Wireless LCD HDTVs Offer Flexible and Convenient Custom Installation Options.


Along with design, technology or screen size, LG’s wireless HDTVs have something for everyone. LG’s 55-inch class Slim Wireless LED-backlight HDTV combines advanced technology with cutting edge style for a TV which blends into beautiful home environment. LG’s wireless HDTVs are available in 47 and 55-inch class sizes. To meet the consumers evolving needs, LG continues to expand home entertainment design and placement options.

Entertainment Freedom: The installers of both 55LHX and LH85 wireless models have the freedom to place the HDTV virtually anywhere in the room without the wires. A media box is used to transmit an uncompressed Full HD 1080p signal without any delay to the TV.

Enhanced Picture Quality: LG’s wireless HDTVs feature superior picture quality with an elegant ultra-slim design. The unit has attained a THX display certification which ensures that 55LHX delivers exceptional images which brings in more entertainment and enjoyable movie.

ISFccc calibration options: The users who are seeking advanced calibration based on their own home theatre environment will appreciate LG’s ISFccc option on the 55LHX and LH85 series. Once the calibration is done, the savings are done as ISF “Day” and ISF “Night” modes.

Energy Savings: The picture quality of both the wireless models will optimize to lighting conditions automatically in the room for a personalized and more enjoyable viewing experience. It has a greater energy saving too which consists of features like backlight control options and video mute.


The retail price of 55LHX is expected to be $4,799. LH85 series will be available at $3,199 and $2,399 for 55 and 47 inch class screen sizes respectively.

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