Ubuntu Netbook Remix – Specially Tailored for Netbooks

Written By Sam on 17 August 2009

Ubuntu Netbook Remix runs on the latest and affordable internet-centric devices called Netbooks. Netbooks are very popular these days. If you are looking for a specialized version of OS for your Netbook then you can try out Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Ubuntu Netbook Remix allows the users to quickly and easily get on-line with the new consumer-friendly interface. This version is available for free.


What Exactly is Ubuntu Netbook Remix?

A remix is a ‘respun’ or a tailored version of Ubuntu that will be more suitable for Netbook users. To pre-install Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Canonical is working with many devices manufacturers (OEMs). These commercial products contain software which is not free and it is built for a specific hardware configuration unique to OEM. Initial Ubuntu Netbook Remixes combine optimizations from Moblin Project for Intel Atom Processors and is specially designed for Netbooks. Intel and Canonical are working to create a new computing experience across the expanding category of portable devices. This will definitely give a tough competition to Microsoft.


Reasons to choose Ubuntu Netbook Remix

For OEMs:

  • Rapid route to market: UI configured to work with Intel Atom Processor-based netbooks.
  • Small OS footprint: Fits in a 4GB flash drive.
  • Expert Engineering: Based on Ubuntu’s well-tested, globally proven software.
  • Clean licensing: All work conforms with open source and commercial application licensing.

For Users:

  • New Interface: Built for accessing your favorite online and offline applications very easily and quickly.
  • No Virus: Ubuntu gives you a smooth, safe computing and browsing experience.
  • Optimised for Netbook: Built to take the advantage of speed and power capabilities of the chipset.
  • Large developer community: You can gain benefits of innovation from the world’s leading free and open source developers.

Technical Specifications of Ubuntu Netbook Remix

  • Minimum hardware requirements: Intel processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB Flash disk storage.
  • Optional Market leading applications: Adobe Flash, Adobe reader, Java JVM, Skype.
  • Major open source applications included: Firefox 3, Pidgin instant messenger, Rhythmbox Media Player, FB Reader
  • Audio and Video decoders for OEMs: MPEG4, MP3, AAC, Windows Media

Download Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu Netbook Remix Installation

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