Google is definitely the best search engine on the Internet. If you are looking to search any information, images, videos, webpages and lot more you can rely on Google for the right information. You can visit Google by heading over to www.Google.com and for your local search, you can visit any of the localized version of www.Google.com search page – www.google.com.au, www.google.com.uk, www.google.ae, www.google.co.th, www.google.ch, www.google.es, www.google.com.sg, www.google.ru, www.google.com.pk, www.google.co.in, www.google.co.nz, www.google.com.my, www.google.co.jp, www.google.co.kr, www.google.com.hk, www.google.de, www.google.dk, www.google.ca, www.google.com.br, www.google.at and lot more.

Google also provides Google Advanced Search (http://www.google.com/advanced_search) that gives you more options to get exact results for your search queries. Google Advanced Search helps you to find pages with ‘all these words’, ‘this exact word or phrase’, ‘any of these words’, ‘none of these words’ and ‘numbers ranging from’. With Google Advanced Search you can even narrow your results by choosing a language, region, last update, site or domain, file type and lot more.

You can also head over to http://www.google.com/insidesearch/ to learn more about Google Search Tips and Tricks. Moreover if you have an Android mobile or iOS App, you can download Google Android App or Google iOS App for a mobile search. Google Search (Google.com) features Web history, Start simple, Ignore spelling, Use web friendly words, Less is more, Search with an exact phrase, Use descriptive words, Don’t worry about cases, Search within a specific site, Don’t worry about punctuation, Search by file type, Include or ignore words and characters in your search, Find related pages, Find recipes, Search numbers in a range, Get number conversions, Get the time, Get currency conversions, Search the web in all languages, Check the weather, Get realtime stock quotes, Check sport scores and schedules, Search with Goggles, Track your packages, Get definitions, Search by advanced image search, Calculate anything, Locate earthquake activity, Search by location, Search locations by zip and area codes, Shop and compare, Get local sunrise/sunset times, Discover local business, Get movie times, Read public domain books, Hone in on a particular range, Check flight schedules, Research health conditions, Check flight times, Get world news, Search for an address, Similar terms, Search by voice, Examine public data, Get interactive financial info, Find medication information, Instant on mobile, Use instant preview on mobile, Search by location, Get interactive weather.