Windows 7 SP1 RC Build Leaked and Available For Download on Torrents [Windows 7 SP1 RC-Escrow Build 7601.17104]

Written By Sam on 17 October 2010

If you’ve been following the development of the first service pack for Windows 7 closely, you would appreciate that Windows 7 SP1 has been in beta testing for some time now, so it only makes sense that a release candidate would be out soon. But perhaps not sooner than many eager individuals would prefer from Microsoft.

Reports on the web just ten days after Microsoft released the Service Pack 1 RC-Escrow (build 7601.1701.1704) to testers, shows that this build has been leaked into the internet. Windows 7 SP1 RC-Escrow build is available for download via file sharing sites. This version is just the latest in a series of leaks and it is unlikely that it will be the last. The build string for leaked Windows 7 SP1 is 7601.17104.100921-1630, which indicates that the current version was compiled on 21st September at 4.30 PM. At this point in time, it appears that only the x86 versions is available and some sites are also reporting that the leak is actually a pre-RC build and not the genuine product.

More importantly is the fact that some sources indicate that the official download could be available as early as October 23. This near release of the release candidate build of the SP1 for Windows 7 is a possible harbinger for a first quarter of 2011 final release of the service pack. Therefore, if these unofficial sources are to be trusted, the official RC build will be released on 26th October.

Now, considering the fact that Microsoft aims for late October release of its official release candidate, it is safe advice that it makes no good sense to download and install the leaked version just yet. Even more so if you consider that the service pack will not add considerable new features to the operating system with the added possibility that leaked versions may contain malicious code that may infect a PC upon installation. Another thing one should consider is the legality of downloading a leaked version of a proprietary software. Whatever be the case, all these show that the Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is just around the corner.

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