Find Freeware Applications To Open Files With Unknown Extensions

Written By Sam on 30 June 2009

If you are facing issues on how to open the files with unknown extensions(rather say funny extensions) like .123, .301, .[B], .GREY, .P64, .XP0 etc. then you can try out the Desktop Tool. Desktop Tool helps you in opening the files with unknown extensions. Though Desktop Tool will not open the file for you, it will just help you to know what type of file it is and shows you free programs to open the file.

find-freeware-applications-to-open-files-with-unknown-extensions Desktop Tool is a database of free programs which helps in opening files with unknown extension. To open unknown file types, right click on the file and select “How do I open this?” and Desktop Tool will look up the file and provides you freeware applications that will open the file.

How to open files with unknown extensions

  • First download and install the desktop tool on your computer.
  • Right click on the extension file which you don’t know how to open, and select “ – How do I Open This?”
  • gives you the list of files by default. And if you already have one of those programs already installed then it says “installed”. If the program is not present, it shows you an option to download it.

This pretty easy to use freeware tool will help you to find freeware applications to open files with unknown extensions.

Download Desktop Tool

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  1. techjock says:

    Thanks for this information. It’s great to have an option for some of these file extensions that are difficult to find information on.

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