FireCore Announces Couch Surfer and Apps for Apple TV 2G Via aTV Flash

Written By Sam on 19 November 2010

Here’s an announcement that will give Apple TV users a reason to smile. FireCore, a media centre software developing firm, has announced that it will be releasing two applications for the second generation Apple TV in the form of a software suite called the aTV Flash.

aTV Flash is aimed to be a user-friendly software package that supercharges the Apple TV to give it a range of new and enhanced functionalities. A beta version of the same will be released in a few weeks. Through this software suite, Apple TV owners can get a web browser application called Couch Surfer and a application.

The Couch Surfer application basically brings to the Apple TV standard browsing functions and plugins. It is a native web browser that has been developed on the Webkit suite that renders the engine to provide an enhanced web experience on the Apple TV. It enables users to scroll web pages, interact, bookmark pages and even feed in URLs using the on-screen keyboard. It is compatible with Apple TV versions 3.0 and 3.0.2, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

The application puts Apple TV users through to one of the largest online music catalog providers. with this application, users can look forward to free videos, internet radio, charts, photos, concerts, stats and a lot more information. The application will stream live radio straight to the Apple TV.

Both applications have been developed to work seamlessly with the Apple TV and are well integrated with the device. Though there is no information on the pricing aspect, existing users of the aTV Flash will be getting the update for free.

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