Find Your Lost Nero Serial Numbers/Product Keys With Nero Serial Finder

Written By Sam on 7 June 2009

Today I was planning to format my computer and reinstall Windows Vista, but then I remembered that I lost my Nero Product Key. Though there are many freeware utilities which can find lost Nero Product Key, I’m skeptical to install them as they might contain Adware or Spyware. So I started searching for a reliable tool to find Nero Serial Number and found official Nero Serial Finder from Nero.


Nero Serial Finder is a very useful utility from Nero which can be used to find lost Nero serial key. With Nero Serial Finder you can find the serial of Nero 9, Nero 8, Nero 7, Nero 6 and Nero 5. You can use Nero Serial Finder to find your lost Nero product keys or when you are looking to backup your Nero Product keys.

Just download the Nero Serial Finder from Nero and run it. It will show you the serial numbers of all the Nero products present in your computer. If you are using Nero 8 you can find your Nero product key in the registry – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > NERO > INSTALLATION > FAMILIES > NERO 8 > INFO. If you are using Nero 9 you can find it at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > NERO > SHARED > NL9.

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    i had nero 7 ultra cant seem to find the serial number tried to redownload it but requesting the serial number should i contact nero?

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