T-Mobile Launches Samsung Gravity T, Samsung Gravity 3 and Samsung :) (Smiley)

Written By Sam on 25 June 2010

Samsung has now announced three new messaging-centric mobiles with T- Mobile US. These three handsets – Samsung Gravity T, Samsung Gravity 3 and Samsung 🙂 Smiley comes in QWERTY packing. The Gravity T and Gravity 3 offers many features like personal email and corporate exchange support which will enable the users to have access to mails. Other features include Social networking through T- Mobile’s Social Buzz application, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity, side –sliding QWERTY keyboards, HTML browser and extend support for 16GB microSD card. Both Gravity T and Gravity 3 are equipped with 2- megapixel camera with video recording and a music player which helps them to have good entertainment experience.

Gravity T and Gravity 3 consist almost the same features and they differ by their input method Gravity T has 2.8’’ touchscreen whereas Gravity 3 has standard T9 numeric keypad. Smiley is quite different from Gravity T and Gravity 3, Smiley is in rounded form and this model is an entry level handset. Smiley comes with vertical sliding QWERTY keyboard and other specs include GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, support for personal and Exchange email and T-Mobile Social Buzz.

All the three models are available for users at prices $19.99 for Samsung Smiley, $49.99 for Samsung Gravity 3 and $74.99 for Samsung Gravity T.

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  1. anthony patton says:

    I have the Samsung Gravity T and while it says it has exchange email…. it will not work on the Tmobile network…

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