Motorola Launches Rugged Handhelds – MC65 and MC959B With Dual-Band (GSM & CDMA) Wireless Connectivity

Written By Sam on 24 September 2010

Motorola has launched two new handhelds – the MC959B mobile computer, which is the latest addition to the company’s MC9500-K series and comes with user selectable WAN technology; and 3G WAN MC65 enterprise mobile computer.

The MC959B is a data-only device and offers a dual 3G WAN modem that enables enterprises to deploy the device on multiple networks and switch between 3.5G GSM HSUPA and 3.5 CDMA EVDO Rev A connections.

Motorola MC959B Features

  • The new MC959B incorporates Qualcomm’s Gobi connectivity technology, an embedded mobile wireless solution designed to put an end to connectivity limitations. The new MC959B via MAX FlexWAN enables enterprises to deploy and later re-deploy the devices on virtually any 3.5G network.
  • The MC959B, with its dual-WAN capabilities, is touted as the “most rugged mobile computer,” and is targeted at mobile field workers.
  • The handheld claims to deliver reliable performance and can be activated on the enterprise network of choice and switched between multiple networks to ensure connectivity throughout the business day.
  • The device comes with a price tag of $3,295.

On the other hand, the MC65 is the company’s latest rugged enterprise mobile computer that has been designed to empower enterprise task workers in tough, scan-intensive environments and comes with features to enable instant access to business-critical applications and information.

Motorola MC65 Features

  • The MC65 seeks to integrate application performance with mobile broadband connectivity, and provide users with the tools needed to effectively access and capture information on site.
  • The MC65 will provide dual-band wireless connectivity via GSM and CDMA networks. It claims to provide “true worldwide communications” via MAX FlexWAN – software-configurable, dual 3.5G WAN for both GSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO RevA network support.
  • Leveraging features and functionality recently introduced in the company’s first dual GSM-CDMA device ES400, the MC65 can initially be deployed and later re-deployed on virtually any network, anywhere in the world, making purchasing and device management easy.
  • The MC65 includes the Motorola Enterprise User Interface (MEUI), which provides users with a customisable business-class interface to access business applications, data capture, conference-call functions, e-mail and text messages.
  • The MC65 retails for $2,295.

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