Tweak Your Ubuntu Setting Without Much Complications Using Ubuntu Tweak

Written By Sam on 13 June 2009

Ubuntu is one of the most newbie friendly Linux distributions. I have had many friends who started their Linux life with Ubuntu. If you are also using Ubuntu and love to tweak Ubuntu without scripts or programming then you can try out Ubuntu Tweak. You can get this utility by downloading a small, 1MB .deb package and installing it. After installation you will find this application in the System Tools Menu.


When you first open Ubuntu Tweak, a welcome screen offers quick overview of the program’s capabilities. The sidebar on the left contains all the main categories: Welcome, Computer, Applications, Startup, Desktop, Personal and System. After the welcome screen, the first entry “Computer” appears which displays useful information about your system and the current user.

Next is the Applications menu which contains four sub-categories: Add/Remove, Source Editor, Third-Party sources and Package Cleaner. The Add/Remove function displays only the most popular packages that doesn’t come installed with a fresh system and are required to fully enjoy Web Browsing and Multimedia. The Source Editor allows you to manually add or remove software sources. The third-Party sources allows the updates of many applications to their latest version. The Package Cleaner is available with three options: Clean Package, Clean Cache and Clean Config. With ‘Package Cleaner’ you can delete old and unneeded packages in Ubuntu. The Startup entry hosts Session Control and Autostart Subcategories. Ubuntu Tweak allows you to splash screen to display on you desktop, which even allows TCP connections for remote connections to your desktop.


Customizing interface elements in Ubuntu can be done from the Desktop menu. The icons which you want to be displayed on your desktop can be personalized. You can have quick access to Computer, Home Folder, Trash, Network and mounted volumes. Transparency levels and assigning titlebar actions can be changed for each of your mouse buttons from the Windows Settings menu. GNOME environment is the latest entry in Desktop Menu, with which you can lock all your panels to prevent accidental removals. Ubuntu menu logo can be changed from the GNOME subcategory. The position of system notification popups can also be changed. For further improvements to your desktop, the great resource is Personal category. The default Ubuntu folders can be changed and useful templates can also be added.

In the System category we can find lot of system related Tweaks. The first entry is File Type manager which allows you to change the file type associations. Second entry is Nautilus which has three extensions: Nautilus with Open Terminal, Nautilus with Root Privileges and Nautilus with Wallpaper. CD burner Tweaks are also available along with BurnProof and Overburn so that every bit of space in the CD can be used. Security options subcategory is also available which allows you to restrict access to a lot of functions: lock screen, print setup, saving to disk and fast user switching.

Totally I can say that Ubuntu Tweak is a very useful for all those Ubuntu lovers who wish to tweak the OS without any programming knowledge.

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