Manage All TCP and UDP Connections on iPhone With Firewall iP

Written By Sam on 8 February 2010

Firewall iP is a simple iPhone App which works similar to the Firewall for Desktop computers. Firewall iP for iPhone and iPod Touch will alert you whenever an app tries to access the internet, data or AppStore. This Firewall iP for iPhone sits in the background and monitors all the Internet connections. Firewall iP is available in the Cydia Store for $2.49 and this is the only firewall app for the iPhone.

Firewall iP for iPhone can be used to block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively. It shows you the hostname for the connection and can also provide you with WhoIs information. With Firewall iP you can block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network. You can even block analytic providers, data collectors and unneeded content like ads.

The latest version of Firewall iP allows you to set rules in *host and *.host format in the popup. You also have the option to block connections of specific apps if NOT on WiFi. If you are interested in trying out this App, you can download it from Cydia.

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