SHAtter-based Greenpois0n will Not Block Installous Despite Chronic Dev Team’s Anti-Piracy Stand

Written By Sam on 10 October 2010

Will SHAtter-based Greenpois0n, which looks to jailbreak iOS 4.1/4.2 iDevices (including Apple TV) for life, block Installous? That’s one question doing the rounds among those waiting for the release of the much-anticipated jailbreak toolkit. The answer is it will not. For the uninitiated Installous, available for download via Cydia for jailbroken iDevices, allows users to install cracked apps from their App store into their iDevice. And ironic as it may seem, the Chronic Dev Team behind Greenpois0n categorically stated that they were against piracy.

In a recent Tweet, they warned: “Installous is climbin’ in your iPhones, crackin’ yo stuff, so hide your apps, hide your tweaks, cause they pirating everything out here”. Earlier, they had noted: “Just to make something clear: If you just want the jailbreak to install cracked apps, unfollow now” and also that “if we really wanted to, we could block it as part of the jailbreak”.

MuscleNerd, however, believes blocking Installous is not possible: “Love it or hate it, the jailbreak gives the end user absolute control over what can be installed”. So, for now there seems to be no stopping developers from tweaking apps or desisting users from installing cracked apps.

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