BoxWave Unveils Keyboard Accessory, Can Turn iPhone 4 into a Droid; Priced at around $70

Written By Sam on 20 November 2010

Isn’t an iPhone4 by itself enough? Some people think its functionality can be extended even further with a full-featured keyboard, which turns it into a Droid and gives it computer functionality.

BoxWave is a company which has recently launched a new accessory, Keyboard Buddy Case, and this attaches to the iPhone 4 and interfaces through Bluetooth. It is a sleek attachment, which is used as a case for the iPhone 4 and even includes cut-outs for the camera, volume rocker, the front touch screen and other sockets.

The case only slightly increases the thickness of the iPhone 4 and comes with a USB cable, which enables charging from the USB port of a computer and this charge lasts for about 45 days. The accessory can even be switched off to conserve power if you wish to revert to the Apple’s Touchpad. So, simply slide out the keyboard and use it whenever you want to; or go back to good ole Apple touchpad. This ergonomic keypad has a lot going for it. It is perhaps the only one of similar accessories to be aesthetic, slim and easy to use. It snaps on to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly and complements the phone with its jet black color. In addition to adding functionality, the case also protects your valuable device. Priced at around $70, this is a handy accessory to have.

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