iOS Devices to Now Enjoy Hauppage Live TV Streamer; Intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Written By Sam on 11 January 2011

The ‘Broadway’ is a new stand alone unit from Hauppage’s PCTV Systems division. This is a live TV streamer intended for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Users of these devices can watch live TV through a Wi-Fi internet connection anywhere in the world.

To select a particular channel to view on an iPad, a user browses the list provided by Broadway from the cable TV network and then simply touches the iPad screen, selecting the channel which will then be displayed full screen. This is simple enough if you are at home.

Taking the experience to the next level is the facility to watch live TV anywhere in the world through this device. Simply leave the device at home connected to the network router and it will transmit the TV signal through the network router, over the internet, to your Apple device. Broadway is a stand alone unit that consumes very little power and is compatible with 802.11g or 802.11n wireless routers. Leave it always on to view TV whenever you like, wherever you are.

Happauge device can also be used on a PC. WinTV Extend software has the same features as Broadway.

Broadway bases its technology on the key H264 video compressor that can transcode QAM digital cable TV or ATSC for display on Apple device screens. Broadway can also independently tune in to digital cable TV channels and over the air ATSC broadcasts through its multi format TV receiver. These signals are compressed and rebroadcast over WiFi and internet for display on Apple devices. HDTV is also enabled on the Broadway along with analog TV and both formats can be converted to be viewed on Apple devices.

Broadway has a retail price tag of $199 and is scheduled for release in North America in about six weeks from now.

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