How to Recover Deleted SMS, Phone Numbers and SIM Card Data With SIM Card Data Recovery Software and SIM Card Reader

Written By Sam on 15 September 2010

Inadvertently deleted an important text message or number from your mobile phone? Don’t fret. Getting hold of a USB SIM Card Reader and downloading SIM Card Recovery Software will help you get your data back in shape. Though most of the times these SIM Card Data Recovery Tools works fine there might be chances of permanently loosing the data if you had overwritten new data onto the SIM Card.

Recover Deleted Phone Data or SIM Card Data

How do these solutions work? Well, to put it simply, much like your computer when certain files are deleted from your Hard Disk, there is still a way to retrieve them as the OS deletes only the link and doesn’t erase the data completely. That’s more or less the same mechanism used to recover deleted phone data.

Just like a computer doesn’t immediately erase a file when you hit the delete button, a mobile phone also does not delete a file right away. From your perspective the file is deleted. However in reality, the deletion exercise only clears space occupied by that file by removing the link. The cleared space can be reused to stored new file or data. Now here’s the trick, till the time a new file or data is not fed into that cleared space, there is scope for the original data to be recovered!

How To Recover Deleted SIM Card Data

Equipped with a USB SIM Card Reader and SIM Card Recovery Software for your Mobile SIM card, recovering deleted data from your mobile phone may not be a tough task. A USB SIM card reader is an external hardware device tool required to read a SIM card and trigger off your data retrieval process. SIM card data recovery software is a read-only tool for designed specifically to help restore deleted text messages, phone book memory, contact numbers and deleted call logs from your mobile phones.

SIM Card Data Receovery Tools

Where do you get these solutions? Most such tools are available for purchase online. SIM card data recovery tools are available for free trial. You can check out different tools like – “Sim Card Recovery“, “SIM Manager“, “SIM Explorer“, “SIM Card Data Recovery Software“, “SIM Card Data Recovery Tool“, “Sim Card Data Recoverer” and more.

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