Recboot Helps Dodge Error Codes like 1602 on iPhone, iPod touch

Written By Sam on 27 November 2010

While downgrading or upgrading your iPhone or iPod touch firmware, it is not unusual to encounter error codes. Error codes like 1013 and 1611 are common irritants. There’s one more: error 1602.

You are most likely to face this sutuation while upgrading or downgrading your device. As you try to restore your device, iTunes may throw an error message like the one below at you with error code 1601 or 1602 or others:

The good news is there is a way to get around these errors, a recovery utility called Recboot. Recboot Recovery Tool is a free utility tool (available in Windows and Mac versions) for the iPhone and iPod touch users can help put your device in the recovery mode. For more on the tool, check out our related post with download details.

Pre-requisite: .net framework for the tool to work on Windows.

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