Everything About Apple iPhone OS 4.0, iPad/iSlate/iTablet, iLife 2010 and Apple Media Event

Written By Sam on 20 January 2010

Apple with many surprises including the sensational iPhone and iPod Touch was pioneer of the computing era in the past decade. The recent rumors in the online world indicate that the Apple is set to unveil many products that are more interesting for this decade in an event called “Come See Our Latest Creation” hosted by it on 27th January at 10.00 AM at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. Though not sure-footed by Apple, these products will include the most anticipated Applet Tablet (iSlate/iTablet?) along with the iPhone OS 4.0 and iLife 2010.

Everything About Apple iPhone OS 4.0, iSlate iTablet, iLife 2010 and Apple Media Event

According to the rumors from multiple sources the highlights of the big event will be:

Apple Tablet [Apple iSlate/Apple iTablet/Apple iPad/Apple iGuide]

Apple is expected to launch its new Tablet probably called as Apple Tablet or iSlate or iPad or iGuide or even MacTouch (The real name is not yet revealed!) which is certain to be much ahead of the tablet PCs and ultra-thin notebooks. Rumors indicate that the tablet will be a multi-touch device, which will include all those features that a new generation notebook/touchpad requires. Apple Tablet will feature cloud-hosted OS, average storage memory with a much larger display of screen size between 7-12 inches and no optical drive. The price and availability of Apple Tablet are still not certain and we have to wait until declared in the big event.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0

Apple has clearly mentioned in its invitation mail that we will get to witness the new improved iPhone OS 4.0, along with the most anticipated Apple Tablet. However, we are not sure whether Apple will demonstrate a demo of its new iPhone 4.0 or the physical implementation of it, but we expect that Apple will at least unveil all the improvised features of the updated version in the event. As per the information from multiple sources, the highlights of the iPhone OS 4.0 will be its Multi-Touch and the Multitasking capabilities. It is also rumored that this update will be available for both iPhone and iPhone 3GS with more refinements to the User interface and betterment’s in Sync and calendar applications.

Apple Media Event

Several media sources related to Gaming, IGN and Kotaku are invited to this big event. Does it signify that the Applet Tablet could look over to a position of a gaming device from Apple? Or does is it just acknowledging the important role of gaming which already played a major role in making iPhone/ iPod Touch a huge success. We do not have any certain information on this and hence have to anticipate until Apple discloses the information in the big event.

Online Live Coverage of Apple Event on 27th Jan 2010

The Apple’s big event “Come See Our Latest Creation” can be streamed live through Twitlive. However, I would suggest to get on to Twitter to catch up the latest updates about the event. You can also view the Live Blogging of this event on 27th of January from anyone of these live blogging sites

This big event will start a 10.00 AM according to the timings of the Pacific region. If you don’t want to miss the surprises of Apple, stayed tuned on 27th of January.

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