Godrej Appliances Launches Hybrid EON Game LCD TV For Gaming Enthusiasts

Written By Sam on 17 September 2010

Godrej Appliances has launched its Game LCD TV with Motion Sensing Technology in India. In what sounds like good news for casual gamers, the TV combines features of an interactive gaming console along with an LCD TV. The Godrej EON Game LCD TV comes with 25 pre-loaded games including Tennis, Table Tennis, Dart, Bowling, Hammer Throw, Panda Hercules, Othello, Sudoku, Zillinaire and others. What’s more, the gaming experience is not limited to the 25 alone; and the TV allows loading of extra games through SD Card or USB.

The Godrej EON Game LCD TV’s wireless joystick is touted as one that will enhance a user’s gaming experience. The 2.4 GHz joystick has ‘gyroscopic motion sensor’ that will let you swing a racket, throw darts, bowl down an alley and accomplish such other gaming actions. The Godrej EON Game LCD TV can be run on an ‘Energy mode’. This apparently helps to automatically control backlight for “optimum performance of an image based on the content”. A High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) enables users to enjoy high-quality pictures and videos through a range of external multimedia devices. The TV offers 1 GB storage for games.

The Godrej EON Game LCD TV is currently available across the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka for around Rs. 40,000.

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