Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner For Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Written By Sam on 5 July 2010

After introducing Microsoft Security Essentials back in September 2009, Microsoft has discontinued the support for Windows Live OneCare. But Microsoft still offers a safety scan for Windows 7 and Vista computers. Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC. With Live OneCare you can Check for and remove viruses, Get rid of junk on your hard disk and Improve your PC’s performance. Windows Live OneCare includes three different scanners for ‘Protection‘, ‘Clean Up‘ and ‘Tune Up‘.

Protection Center – It keeps hackers and unwanted software at bay and has got some quick ways to keep your PC secure. You can use the free protection scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software and to find vulnerabilities in your Internet connection.

Clean Up Center – Lots of things get saved on your PC that you don’t need. Some are benign, some slow you down and some let prying eyes track what you do on your PC. You can remove all these by using the clean up center. Users can use the free clean up scan to find and get rid of unwanted stuff on their computer that might be slowing it down.

Tune Up Center – You can use thr free tune up scan to see if you should defragment your hard disk to help improve performance, and then perform the required operations.

With Safety Scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can find some of the top threats like “Worm:Win32/Conficker.B“, “Virus:Win32/Sality.AM“, “PWS:Win32/Verweli.A” and more on your PC.

Try Windows Vista and Windows 7 edition of the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner here –

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