Windows 7 RC Bi-Hourly Shutdown Begins on March 1

Written By Sam on 28 February 2010

If you are currently using the Windows 7 RC (build 7100) then starting from March 1st, i.e Monday apart from the expiration notification, your computer will start to shutdown every two hours. Also remember that any unsaved work will be lost in the process. So if you are still with Windows 7 Release Candidate, then you have to take a quick decision this weekend, either to upgrade to Windows 7 or go back to your old operating system.

It’s difficult to work with a computer that shuts down every 2 hours. Moreover on June 1 your license will expire and the non-genuine experience will be triggered which means that Windows will boot to a black desktop and you will still have to deal with the constant notifications and bi-hourly shutdowns.

But if you need some more time to take a decision then you can extend your RC license for 90 more days by giving the following command. Open the command prompt with administrator privileges and enter “slmgr -rearm“. Now reboot your machine to get 30 more days. This trick can be used for three times and each time you will get 30 days. So totally you will be getting 90 days to take the decision of upgrading to Windows 7.

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