Bring Aero Shack & Aero Snap To Your XP Desktop With True Transparency

Written By Sam on 4 August 2009

If you are looking to get the feel Vista transparency on XP desktop then you can try out True Transparency. With True Transparency you can replace your window’s borders by skins that are composed with transparent images. With the free “True Transparency” application you can get a rich UI experience on Windows XP machine. This is just a one-click selector with the skins being highly configurable, a low memory usage and no installation process is needed.


With True Transparency you can change the look and feel of your windows GUI very easily. Buttons are also skinned and supports normal, mouseover and pressed states. Borderless skins can be defined easily to emulate GUI like Leopard. So if you are using XP change the look and the feel of your windows by using True Transparency.

Some of the new features of True Transparency

  • AeroSnap and AeroShake effects are added.
  • New icons are added.
  • Magyar: New Translation
  • Safari and Chrome are added to the exclusion list.
  • Fixed a bug when windows moves hover taskbar and also the crash during skin switch.

Download True Transparency

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